The Cold Is Coming, So Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Get Your Car Ready for Winter | Toronto, ON

As winter’s cold starts to edge out the brisk autumn air, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your vehicle for lower temperatures. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of ways you can get your car ready for winter.

Switch out tires. During the winter, the roads become slick with ice, snow, and rain. Get the best traction ever and let Downtown Chrysler switch out your all-season tires for winter ones. They will help improve your grip on the road as the weather gets worse.

Prepare yourself. Emergencies happen when you least expect them to, which is why you should have an emergency kit in your car with items like a shovel, jumper cables, ice scraper, a flashlight, a bag of sand, flares, and warm clothing.

Check your battery. When temperatures drop, so does the efficiency of your battery. If you’re due to get a new battery, have it installed before winter sets in.

Fill your car’s fluids. Fluids are important to keep your car running — and will help it stay in tiptop shape throughout the winter. Top off your windshield wiper fluid to help keep your visibility up, and fill your antifreeze to the appropriate level.

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