3 Tips for Sanitizing Your Vehicle

Sanitizing Your Vehicle | Toronto, ON

Sanitizing your vehicle is a great way to protect yourself and your passengers from the spread of viruses and other illnesses. Start with these three tips to enjoy improved cleanliness and peace of mind as you drive.

Wash frequently touched surfaces

Make sure you wash each of your vehicle’s high-touch areas. The climate controls, touch screens, steering wheel, shift knobs, lock buttons, interior and exterior door handles, and all other frequently touched surfaces should be wiped down with disinfecting wipes or an alcohol-based cleaner and microfibre cloth.

Be thorough

Clean all of your vehicle’s hard interior surfaces, including the dashboard, centre console, door panels, and windows. Even if an area hasn’t been touched, you or a passenger may have recently coughed or sneezed on it. You’ll also want to sanitize soft surfaces like seats, carpets, and headliners. Make sure you’re using appropriate, non-bleach-based products that won’t damage the upholstery.

Keep your vehicle clean

Once you finish your initial sanitization steps, prioritize keeping up with cleanliness. Keep disinfecting wipes in your vehicle and use them regularly on high-touch surfaces. It’s also a good idea to apply hand sanitizer before entering your vehicle and after getting out.

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