See These Safe Toronto Sights This Weekend

Safe Toronto Sights | Toronto, ON

As Toronto begins to open back up, there are a lot of options for things to do if you’re looking to get out of the house safely. Here are a few sightseeing activities to consider if you want to enjoy everything our city has to offer.

Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari

The Toronto Zoo has so many different species of animals to enjoy. Discover everything the zoo has to offer without needing to leave your car. The Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari is a great way to tour the zoo while social distancing. You can safely stay in your car and travel on staff-only roads throughout the zoo, taking in the beautiful animals that call it home. You will even get your very own zookeeper to educate you on the different animals.

The Royal Ontario Museum

When it comes to fun yet educational things to do, there are few places that can beat the Royal Ontario Museum. This sprawling museum has ample space to social distance, and is using time-based tickets to ensure that it’s easy to do so. You can spend the day walking through the museum to learn more about its current exhibits, which cover topics from dinosaurs to the First Nations of the Great Lakes. If you’re not comfortable heading to such a public place, you can see everything the museum has to offer online with its extensive online collections.

Here at Downtown Chrysler, we encourage you to continue putting safety first as you explore these sights around Toronto.

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